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A Few Days in February Exploring The Waterfalls of The Columbia River Gorge


Metlako FallsSean Bagshaw took Ralph and I on an adventure through many parts of Oregon. The last few days of the trip were spent around Hood River which is a beautiful town on the Columbia River. The reason we were there was to take some shots of  the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. Apparently we weren't there at the best time of the year, being winter, because the water is extra cold and the leaves have dropped off the trees . But, without the leaves on the trees, you get to see more of the amazing mossy rocks and canyon walls. It's an experience I won't forget and will repeat in Fall one day. This is Metlako Falls, which was a fairly long walk to get to but once there, the moment was worth the effort.

Green CanyonAnother special moment was when we walked up to the Gorton Creek Falls.

Gorton Creek FallsA vertical of the falls shows an interesting and different aspect.

Log FallsIf you walk up from the main falls of Gorton Creek, I found this log jammed across a couple of rocks. It wasn't easy to get to, but with a bit of scrambling, I managed to set the tripod up for this horizontal shot and the vertical shot below.

Log Falls VerticalThe vertical view shows more of the interesting red log. I didn't want to leave... mainly because it wasn't easy to get back to dry land!

Punchbowl FallsPunchbowl falls was a special place to photograph. We walked down to the creek and there was no waterfall to be seen! Sean said that we had to walk into the fast flowing feezing cold water to see it. He said that if we went in my legs would hurt, go numb, hurt more and finally when we get out would be agony. I said I'd give it a go, but what Sean described was exactly how it went but 10 times worse! Anyway, the view of the waterfall was worth the pain. I'm definitley doing it again!

Ponytail FallsThe last waterfall we photographed was a bit of a walk up from Horsetail Falls to Ponytail Falls. There was so much mist and water in the air, I found it difficult to photograph. However, I'm happy with the result.

Elowah FallsWe visited Elowah Falls as well. This was the first fall we got to and it was a struggle to get to this spot right in the middle of the fast flowing water.

If anybody has the chance to get to Oregon, don't hesitate, just DO IT!

Glen Parker



Isabel   08/05/2012

I just found your blog, so I've only just seen your last post "Heaven's Special Child." This poem was pinned to the wall of the first scoohl BB went to, right in front of the door so all visitors could see it. He was at that scoohl for 9 years and I never managed to read the whole thing through because I'd start snuffling! (And no, I didn't manage to get through it this time either! I'll be back later to read how it ends!!!)


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I visit day-to-day some websites and blogs to read content, but this website provides quality based    14/11/2014

I visit day-to-day some websites and blogs to read content, but this website provides quality based posts.

I visit day-to-day some websites and blogs to read content, but this website provides quality based

I visit day-to-day some websites and blogs to read content, but this website provides quality based    14/11/2014

I visit day-to-day some websites and blogs to read content, but this website provides quality based posts.

I visit day-to-day some websites and blogs to read content, but this website provides quality based

I visit day-to-day some websites and blogs to read content, but this website provides quality based    14/11/2014

I visit day-to-day some websites and blogs to read content, but this website provides quality based posts.


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