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Newport Beach

Saturday morning's long exposure at Newport Beach came together. The little cove coupled with the tide and swell gave the perfect composition.


Died Pretty at the Enmore Theatre

Died Pretty played at the Enmore as part of the Hoodoo Gurus festival on the 22nd April 2012. They're tight and brilliant! A must see band!


The Opening of The Factory Floor

The Factory Floor opened with Japan's premier garage-rock group, The 5,6,7,8's, stars of Quentin Tarantino's 2004 blockbuster Kill Bill Vol.1.

They're a rocking great 3 piece female Japanese rock band! Great fun!





Buddy Guy & Jonny Lang at The Enmore


Jonny Lang came on before Buddy Guy at The Enmore Theatre on Wednesday 4th April. He set the scene really. He was brilliant! His guitar work... his voice... his stage presence made for an incredible show. In this shot he came to the front of the stage and was rocking back and forth and I luckily got a shot at the right moment.

The red lights lighting up the background made Jonny pop out of the image.



After this brilliance, on came Buddy Guy! The volume and the showmanship took the audience to a new level of excitement!

Buddy also liked to tease the audience with his tricky and showy guitar playing. Here he put on a cheeky face and walked across the stage playing the strings from underneath. It was clever and the guitar sound didn't miss a beat!

Buddy is in his 70's, so I suppose he needed some rest every now and then. To get this he went to this spot towards the back of the stage and played while drinking out of a cup sitting on the yellow speaker while the other guitarist took our attention. He wasn't as good as Buddy, but he was still a great guitarist.

He really engaged with the audience and his facial expressions were funny and brilliant!



Back To The Beach!

I went down to the beach on Saturday morning, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I suppose it has been raining in Sydney everyday for the last 50 years, but I hoped for one lonely cloud. It wasn't to be. This shot was taken on Sunday morning. I set the alarm to first check if there were any clouds before I bothered going. There were, so the result was this shot. As it turned out it was worth the trip down!

This shot was taken on Saturday. I looked for some foreground interest and worked until something interesting popped out. I like how the golden light gently bounced around off the rock edges.

This shot was my first one on Saturday morning. There was no cloud on the horizon stopping the sun's golden glow from shining through and with the clear blue sky providing the bigest light source, you get an image like this.


Somersby Falls

It's still raining in Sydney!!! But... the waterfalls are flowing furiously instead of a trickle. I took advantage of the situation and tried to make our waterfalls look as impressive as the waterfalls of Oregon. I don't think I can... Just below and flowing on from the main falls Image (below), the water flows off this rock ledge and then pools and flows on to lower levels.

This is the main falls at the very top.

From the lower levels, you can explore and find many smaller falls to photograph. The rest of the images are smaller sections of the falls you can see here.

This was taken from the right hand side of the above image. You can see a hole in the rock that the water swirls and flows through.

This shot was taken from about a metre to the right from the last horizontal shot. The water was flowing very fast at this point as you can see by the extreme blur of the water.

If you look closely at the above two images, you'll see a flat rock with water flowing across it. It's above the green mossy rock. This image is just below this rock with the water flowing off it onto the rocks and shelves below it. It was like a fairyland.

For this last shot, Positioned myself to put the green ferns in the foregound to create a different foreground interest.


A Few Days in February Exploring The Waterfalls of The Columbia River Gorge

Sean Bagshaw took Ralph and I on an adventure through many parts of Oregon. The last few days of the trip were spent around Hood River which is a beautiful town on the Columbia River. The reason we were there was to take some shots of  the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. Apparently we weren't there at the best time of the year, being winter, because the water is extra cold and the leaves have dropped off the trees . But, without the leaves on the trees, you get to see more of the amazing mossy rocks and canyon walls. It's an experience I won't forget and will repeat in Fall one day. This is Metlako Falls, which was a fairly long walk to get to but once there, the moment was worth the effort.

Another special moment was when we walked up to the Gorton Creek Falls.

A vertical of the falls shows an interesting and different aspect.

If you walk up from the main falls of Gorton Creek, I found this log jammed across a couple of rocks. It wasn't easy to get to, but with a bit of scrambling, I managed to set the tripod up for this horizontal shot and the vertical shot below.

The vertical view shows more of the interesting red log. I didn't want to leave... mainly because it wasn't easy to get back to dry land!

Punchbowl falls was a special place to photograph. We walked down to the creek and there was no waterfall to be seen! Sean said that we had to walk into the fast flowing feezing cold water to see it. He said that if we went in my legs would hurt, go numb, hurt more and finally when we get out would be agony. I said I'd give it a go, but what Sean described was exactly how it went but 10 times worse! Anyway, the view of the waterfall was worth the pain. I'm definitley doing it again!

The last waterfall we photographed was a bit of a walk up from Horsetail Falls to Ponytail Falls. There was so much mist and water in the air, I found it difficult to photograph. However, I'm happy with the result.

We visited Elowah Falls as well. This was the first fall we got to and it was a struggle to get to this spot right in the middle of the fast flowing water.

If anybody has the chance to get to Oregon, don't hesitate, just DO IT!


The Hives at The Enmore 2011

I had the pleasure of seeing and photographing The Hives at The Enmore Theatre in Sydney in 2011. They were the most entertaining band I've seen. They were very theatrical while musically were perfect. It was a great concert and they must never be missed!

They gave the photographers plenty to work with!

Including leaping off the drum stage...

and clowning around!


Mt Hood

One of the most beautiful sights you could see in the world is Mt Hood Oregon in winter. Sean, who took us to all the right places at the right time, decided that Mt Hood for a mornings sunrise would work... and it did. I have some other to add to this blog later, but I just had to get it up. You know when you start the day with a view like this  the rest of the day is going to be ok. I like how the repeating patterns of the shape of the blue section of the sky and the shape of the orchard in the foreground mirror, but it's probably the colour of the clouds, the snow lit by the morning sun as it's blown off the peak as well as the outstanding view of the mountain that does it for me. Anyway, I'll add more shots of Mt Hood to this blog over the next few days.

It's amazing the colours that are reflecting off Mt Hood.


Painted Hills Oregon

Painted Hills Oregon is a special place! It had only just rained which greatly enhanced the colours. Being there was something I'll never forget... the colours... the peace... then the clouds added a nice background feature and to top it off, the setting sun broke through and lit a small tip of a cloud a nice orange colour.


Mt Bachelor

We decide d to do a Mt Bachelor ascent to get a sunrise shot. So we needed to leave at 5am to get to the base at 5:30am. We climbed for an hour and finally reached the summit where a howling wind and snow was hitting us forcefully parallel to the ground. The blizzard conditions continued to worsen so we decided to decend. Half way down I saw a light in the clouds and Sean (Bagshaw) looked behind us and saw the moon trying to shine through... we looked at each other and decided to run back up! If you'd tried running up a 45 degree snow hill  at 8,000 feet you'd now that this was going to take a while! We finally made it back and was welcomed with the same blizzard conditions but with the potential for some beautiful light shining through. I raced to the tree that you see and fired off a couple of shots before the snow hitting our faces was stinging to the point of being unbearable. Sean took a quick couple of shots including my new facebook picture... thanks Sean. We knew it was time to leave when the snow storm was so severe we couldn't see anything but white. As we desended the wind slowed but the cold remained. Anyway, we finally made it back with this image to show for the effort. It's funny how the image looks calm and peaceful, because it was anything but! Sean's shot of me as my new facebook image will give you an idea of the conditions! This experience was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever experienced... thanks Sean!


How Cold Can It Get?

Do you want to know how cold it is in Dillon Falls??? Have a look!!!!


Crater Lake Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon,  has been one of many highlights on this trip to the U.S. Sean Bagshaw has taken us to the best places on the planet and has turned the perfect weather button on! We got up at 3am and drove the 3 hours to Crater Lake from Bend, Oregon. Once there, we had to get going as sunrise was starting. So I took off and ran in the snow (which isn't easy) about 2 km around the rim looking for a clear treeless view of the lake and crater. As you can see by the image, I found the perfect spot and took this shot. It is as cold as it looks! I was on such a high that I'm still smiling.


Smith Rock Oregon

We got up at 3:30am to head off on a 2 1/2 hour drive to Crater Lake for a sunrise shoot. An hour into the drive we decided that the chances of getting a good sunrise wasn't good, so we turned around and drove back and beyond Bend (where we are staying) another half an hour to try Smith Rock. The previous day while shooting Ponderosa Pines nearby, it started to snow on us and it snowed most of the night to even give the rarely snowed on Smith Rock area a dusting of fairy dust. This image is one of about 10 shots from this morning... I don't even think it's going to be the best because earlier the clouds were a beautiful pink colour. Crater Lake looks like it'll be perfect weather for sunrise tomorrow so we're going to give it another crack.

The shot I took half an hour earlier had the early morning orange glow before the sun directly before the sun directly hit the rock. The colours and light are dramatically different.


Another Great Sunrise

The Saturday morning looked like a good one. Lots of clouds and plenty of stars. I hoped for some cloud gaps on the horizon to let the light through to give a nature light show. I wasn't disappointed! Thhe morning started with this one. I chose an interesting rock with the occasional waterfall look when a wave ventured over it.

The next shot I extended the shutter speed to about a minute so the rock took a nice form giving a nice pointer to the amazing sky.

For the next shot, I moved the camera a little to take advantage of the tide and swell changes which was providing a nicer looking waterfall action and the clouds and colour show weren't disappointing either.

After I got the shots I wanted, I ventured down the beach towards these rocks. I've always loved these rocks but I've never done them justice before. I love the drama created by the clouds and the leading lines of the craggy dark brooding rocks.

This is my last shot of the morning. The cloud lit up red for about 30 seconds and I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to capture it! These series of images captured the morning perfectly for me. It was a great morning to be out.


A Cranky Newport Sunrise

I woke at 4am hoping for a cloudy and interesting sunrise. I wasn't disappointed. There was a 22% chance of raincoupled with a fast rising huge high tide of 1.8m at sunrise.I found this interesting rock for the foreground interest and selected a vertical format because it worked with the positioning of this rock. After wiping my filters clean after being splashed by the slightly unamused sea, I finally got some shots off. I waited for the right wave to reach the shore on the right of the image so the white water covered a lot of the rocks. This gave the image a little more balance.


Whale Beach - 7th January, 2012

Yesterday morning I decided to get some shots at Whale Beach because it was a high tide and that limits the photographic opportunities, but Whale Beach is always great for photographic opportunities then. The swell was very low, which was unusual and I was able to position myself closer to the rock I like to photograph that looks like a fin coming out of the water. I positioned for a vertical shot because the leading lines were perfect and the stuff surrounding the image that it excluded weren't important. I used my trusty ND 4 stop graduated filter and this is the result.

Have a great day!


The Cruel Sea at The Metro - December, 2011

The Cruel Sea owned the stage at The Metro on December, 2011. Tex Perkins was brilliant! He strutted and grabbed the audience by the scruff of the neck. The band was tight and loud! One of the best concerts I've been to. The lighting is always difficult in concert shots, but Tex was wearing a white jacket which made the exposure even more difficult to get right. Controlling the exposure of the jacket was difficult without losing all the detail in the dark areas of the stage, however my trusty Canon 5D MkII did the job beautifully.

At one point he played with the photographers at the front of the stage by saying "photograph my finger". So we did!


Moody Clouds

The same morning I captured the image of the nature's colours, the clouds took over the scene just after the first image and I was able to swing the camera around and take a vertical shot emphasising the cloud formations as it rushed overhead. The water movement in the foreground, leading around the little island takes your eye easily up to those fantastic clouds.

Then I packed up! But! I noticed the beams in the distance starting to appear and quickly put my camera gear back together and ran down to the beach. I quickly found some foreground interest and took a shot. The water in the foreground creates a good strong leading line to the light reflecting in the water which pulls your eye through to the beams. I left the light above the clouds lit up to help the eye wander all over the image and to include this area.


Alice Cooper at The Enmore Theatre - 26th Sept 2011

I had the pleasure of photographing Alice Cooper at his Enmore Theatre Show in 2011. Not only was it a brilliant concert, but being one of my heroes, I was lucky to produce shots of the emotion, theatre and showmanship of the man and the band. The lighting was very tricky, but by moving around, you could pick the best spots. He really knows how to work the audience and the cameras.

Alice strutting his stuff!

Alice and the power he has over the audience!

Alice in control!

Alice leaning on his crutch!

Alice's bass player.


Morning Colours

I took this last Saturday morning. It's interesting how long exposures show us the true colours of nature. The shutter speed was 62 seconds and because of that, the water, which is generally white when crashing around the rocks, reflects the main light source. The blue sky is the main light source, so the water is the intense sky blue colour. Tthe orange glow where the sun will eventually come up spots areas, such as clouds, rocks and water with the orange colour. The longer the exposure the longer the time the colours hit the camera sensor, so the more intense are the colours.
I used my usual 4 stop reverse Singh Ray filter on this to increase the image dynamic range by darkening the sky area only.
Have a great day!


My School Act 2011

In December 2011, I was asked to photograph the finalists of the My School Act band competition. 

My School Act is competition where musicians from every metro, regional and rural high

school across Australia are being given an opportunity like never before, the chance of scoring a recording deal with Sony Music Entertainment to the value of $50,000 as well as being included in the lineup at Australia’s biggest touring music festival the Big Day Out 2012 all thanks to MySchoolAct, powered by Motorola.

MySchoolAct is an online music and talent competition exclusively created for Australian high school students with a passion for the music industry. MySchoolAct supports the music infrastructure within schools and is FREE to enter.

It was a lot of fun to photograph and because each of the five bands in the final had only 2 songs to impress the judges, you got some great performances and images.

It was challenging because we didn't have a special partitioned area at the foot of the stage... I just had to push to the front and use my elbows alot. Look out for 44th Sunset, the band that won!

Here are some shots from the night.


Forresters Beach


This is my first blog, so please be patient.

I recently stayed overnight with some friends on the Central Coast (Lisarow)  and decided to get up early the next morning to have a go at getting a sunrise shot at a nearby beach. The closest beach was Forresters. I got there an hour before sunrise, but even though the tide was a  low 0.2 m, the swell was huge with waves crashing all over the place. What made it even more difficult was that there was also a strong southeasterly wind, which constantly took all the spray from the waves all over the lens and filters. It actually took me 50 minutes of searching for a protected spot worthy of a photograph. When I say protected, I really mean that I only had to clean my filter once every 2 shots. It just so happened that this spot also had a very interesting foreground with a natural U -shaped ledge taking your eye to the middle ground rocks and then onto the very interesting sky.I ended up with three shots that I'm happy with. They were all taken with a 4-stop Singh Ray Reverse Graduated filter with the camera set to aperture priority and f16. I focused on the closest foreground and away I went.. With this first shot, there was no colour in the sky, but by converting to Black and White, the image just popped.

The second shot was taken 5 minutes later. The sky was just starting to colour up. By this time, I'd cleaned the filter about 20 times and I was starting to think that this morning is going to be dud! But...







The last shot was the money shot! I nearly went home from disgust. I was getting so frustrated with having to constantly clean the filters and it didn't seem like I was going to get much colour even though the cloud shapes were brilliant. It just shows. Persistence pays!


Having not been to this spot before, I can only put the great composition I got purely down to where the wind wasn't as severe. I'd like to say it was skill, but...


I have some band shots that I took just before Christmas that I'll put up soon.